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Price Feed:
PVC flooring: Ksh 1,350 PVC tiles: Ksh 2,200 Box profile roofing sheets: Ksh 355 Solar Plaza light: Ksh 35,000 Complete sofa: Ksh 160,000 cookers: Ksh 35,000 Wall covering: Ksh 2,500 Kitchen design: Ksh 30,000 Turkey Steel Door: Ksh 33,000 Concrete mixers: Ksh 280,000 Shower cubicles: Ksh 25,000 Office tables: Ksh 45,000 Solar panel: Ksh 150,000 Hitachi G23ST 230mm Angle Grinder: Ksh 16,617 Curve tile roofing sheets: Ksh 700 Stainless steel basin mixer taps: Ksh 5,000 Earth moving machinery: Ksh 5,500,000 Spartan SLT-2500 Generator: Ksh 22,050 Shades: Ksh 4,000 Cement: Ksh 600 Building sand: Ksh 2,000 Built-in Kitchen Appliances: Ksh 49,000 Laminate flooring: Ksh 1,600 Biodigesters: Ksh 88,000 Black color granite: Ksh 17,000 Corrugated roofing sheets: Ksh 380 Wallpapers: Ksh 2,500

Features & Reviews

Transforming Your home using good Lighting
07 Aug 2019 News & Updates

Interior designers have many tools at their disposal when it comes to creating interior design schemes. One of these tools, however, is quite often overlooked as people don’t realize the potential that it has to transform a space. This tool is lighting and it has the power to make or break an interior scheme. Lighting can make a house into a home and will allow the per...


False Ceilings
06 Aug 2019 Recommendations
Steps to make your DIY paint job last longer
19 Jul 2019 News & Updates

1. Remove damaged paint

Scraping off your old, flaking paint is essential to helping you get a long-lasting paint job. Don’t ever skip this step! Leaving old paint on your walls will make your new coat of paint flake faster. Use sandpaper to soften the rough edges of the wall to avoid having thin, vulnerable areas in the new layer of paint.


Types of materials used for walling
24 Jun 2019 News & Updates

There are different materials that can be used during the walling of a structure in Kenya. Some of the available materials with the available labour skill set include;

1. Stones

Naturally occurring stones are the most popularly used materials in the Kenyan market for construction purposes. They are usually mined from stone quarries with the m...


5 steps to hiring a great contractor
06 Jun 2019 News & Updates

A construction project is a major investment which can give you sleepless nights if you end up with the wrong contractor.

In an industry teeming with many contractors, all exhibiting different levels of experience and expertise, it can be tasking for an investor to choose the right contractor for their project. Here are five steps to choosing and hiring a great contr...


CRM buys Wazimart Solutions
27 May 2019 News & Updates


Wazimart, a digital construction directory, announced that a larger company called Construction Revolution Market has bought it off effective immediately to mirror the company’s intention to tap into the global market to make construction business convenient for companies and customers.

“Having been the preferred construction directory for ...


3D Wallpapers
14 May 2019 News & Updates

Today, a panel on the wall with a beautiful view of the sea is, of course, beautiful, but nothing more. The modern buyer demands more, therefore manufacturers by means of innovative technologies have tried to recreate such clothes which simply immerse in an illusion of improbable and very realistic beauty.

Choosing the best roofing sheets
09 May 2019 News & Updates

Mabati, or iron sheets in English, are a basic requirement for every construction project. The roofing sheets are a type of external covering for the roofs and walls of different buildings and structures. As the name suggests, they are basically installed to protect the top of the building from various forces of nature across all seasons. The sheets must have some basic prop...


07 May 2019 News & Updates

Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. Such items may be used in wet environments or underwater to specified depths. In  buildings using earth sheltering, a potential problem is too much humidity, so