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PVC flooring: Ksh 1,350 PVC tiles: Ksh 2,200 Box profile roofing sheets: Ksh 355 Solar Plaza light: Ksh 35,000 Complete sofa: Ksh 160,000 cookers: Ksh 35,000 Wall covering: Ksh 2,500 Kitchen design: Ksh 30,000 Turkey Steel Door: Ksh 33,000 Concrete mixers: Ksh 280,000 Shower cubicles: Ksh 25,000 Office tables: Ksh 45,000 Solar panel: Ksh 150,000 Hitachi G23ST 230mm Angle Grinder: Ksh 16,617 Curve tile roofing sheets: Ksh 700 Stainless steel basin mixer taps: Ksh 5,000 Earth moving machinery: Ksh 5,500,000 Spartan SLT-2500 Generator: Ksh 22,050 Shades: Ksh 4,000 Cement: Ksh 600 Building sand: Ksh 2,000 Built-in Kitchen Appliances: Ksh 49,000 Laminate flooring: Ksh 1,600 Biodigesters: Ksh 88,000 Black color granite: Ksh 17,000 Corrugated roofing sheets: Ksh 380 Wallpapers: Ksh 2,500

CRM buys Wazimart Solutions

27 May 2019 News & Updates


Wazimart, a digital construction directory, announced that a larger company called Construction Revolution Market has bought it off effective immediately to mirror the company’s intention to tap into the global market to make construction business convenient for companies and customers.

“Having been the preferred construction directory for over a year, we have seen the construction sector become less of headache and more of an incredible experience. Case in point in the power we granted customers to compare products from over 3,000 suppliers and manufacturers and contact them in just a click. This service has brought a new meaning to convenience because customers don’t just want a product from one supplier, they want to be able to compare and contrast, this informs their decisions and eschews regret of purchase,” said Anthony Maina, CEO of wazimart.

After the fact, wazimart will rebrand to attain the name CRM in few days’ time. Its signature features; instant quotes, instant bid bonds, advertising and highlighting new products/trends will carry on into the new company. Maina further adds, “ Wazimart’s leadership in technology in the sector has attracted thousands of companies and professionals to join the community so as to better serve its customers. Wazimart’s mission has always been to ease how construction is done in Kenya but now with the new management the mission has to focus on the global market; how customers will access global products, companies will conduct business across the boarders and so on.”

……….., “wazimart will definitely have new features that aim to transform the country’s construction into a juggernaut. These new features are expected to roll out in a few months and every single stakeholder is guaranteed to want to use them if they want to remain relevant to the industry. Since the company matured, a year ago, we have been commended for the unprecedented steps our company has taken to improve construction. We have witnessed more customers leaning into our website for material referrals and instant quotes for their projects not to mention the amount of time, energy and money they’ve managed to save through our services.”

As wazimart rebrands to CRM Kenya, there will be a top-to-bottom rebranding of the logo, website, social media pages, graphics, communication and correspondence. All rebranding communication will be done via social media and possibly mainstream media. The rebranding will also home in a simplified yet bold graphics that communicate complex construction jargon in an understandable way. The former Wazimart CEO will still remain the CEO at CRM Kenya.

Follow us on all our social media channels on facebook, twitter and instagram (@crmkenya). We also have a new telegram channel that allows you to post product specifications and price which the link has been posted on our social channels. We are looking forward to serving you even better with these new changes


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