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Price Feed:
Steel Door Sheets: Ksh 3,500 Wood Block: Ksh 3,600 MDF Boards: Ksh 3,200 Foif al132 32x optical level + accessories: Ksh 40,000 Mileseey P7: Ksh 45,000 FDC9B(S) Optical Tribrach Carrier with Thread/Stub(Green): Ksh 25,000 Vinyl Florines (interlocking, self-adhesive,SPC & dryback): Ksh 2,550 Gypsum metal rail: Ksh 165 Black Forest Hardwood: Ksh 2,074 Crown Permaplast: Ksh 2,400 Permacote Exterior Emulsion With Teflona: Ksh 2,800 Vinyl Matte Emulsion With Teflona: Ksh 2,300 Silk Vinyl Emulsion 4L: Ksh 2,250 Flex horsepipe: Ksh 2,800 Lamp shades: Ksh 3,000 Medium frames scaffolding supplies: Ksh 9,000 floor laminates: Ksh 1,800 Heater 800w-1600w: Ksh 16,400 Iconic stell gate: Ksh 5,000 Curtain rods and rails: Ksh 2,000 Stamped concrete: Ksh 3,200 Gypsum: Ksh 10,000 Wall Brackets: Ksh 2,500 Ballustrade: Ksh 98,000 kitchen faucets brass: Ksh 6,500

Frequently Asked Questions

WaziMart is the largest listing for all things in construction. We offer a comprehensive listing and information on materials & services, units & parts, and tools & equipment to help people find, plan and decided what they need for their construction. People use our site to make real-time decisions on what to buy, when to buy and from whom to buy based on different avenues provided to merchants and service providers in the construction industry. On the
other hand, the merchants and service providers are able to conduct a very comprehensive sales and marketing promotions in a unique site with willing buyers and partners. It is a win-win situation.

WaziMart Merchant Listing Services are designed to meet the needs of businesses and professionals in the construction industry and their customers. We connect users with suppliers in an engaging way; providing information, deals, and reviews to help them make the best decision based on real-time purchase information.
Users can recommend, refer and review your products while also being able to compare things like prices, delivery, timelines, quality and other product information.The WaziMart editorial team provides detailed product reviews and engaged brands to launch their products and conduct basic product training on the site. All in all, it is everything and all that you need for all your product needs.

Merchants can access the following detailed information:
1. Customer information to give a quote.
2. Customer information seeking to book their products.
3. Detailed information on: recommendations, reviews and shares for all their products and services.
4. Customer information for those looking to partner with them.
5. Monthly insights on trending products and brands.
6. Publisher platform to host a live community session on WaziMart.
7. Recommendation publication as customer testimonials and reviews on their own websites.
8. Pruduct launch support.
9. Logistics support.

A few things you can do on CRM Kenya

1. List your products & services.
2. Track the demand of your products.
3. Check personalized recommendations and re-use them in your website, brochures or social media.
4. Display your catalogue.
5. See what your competition is listing.
6. Find out what else customers want from our wish-list.
7. Carry out sales and offer discounts to boost demand.

Step 1: Create your profile:
To join WaziMart, you will need to create a free profile and enjoy a 30-day free listing of your
services and products.
Joining instructions – sent out on email and in FAQs.
1. Visit CRM Kenya sign up page and select “Create a Profile”
2. Select “Merchant Profile”.
3. Enter the email address and password.
4. Enter your business information.
5. Confrim if you want to list goods, services or your personal profile or a mix.
6. Select your payment plan – Annual or Monthly and select “Continue”.
7. Confirm your preferred payment method and address.
8. Select “Join CRM Kenya”.
Your profile is complete.
You will be charged after the free trial ends.
If you need further help joining CRM Kenya, please contact our Customer Service to assist.
Step 2: List your services or products
On the merchant link, add “New Listing”
Step 3: Pay for your subscription
Activate your merchant profile by paying

You can pay for your Listing through Mobile Money or Credit Card (Cards/PayPal). This is done from your Page Account Settings.
You will be notified of your payment requirements once you sign-up or by a sales executive. Select the required service or membership and then fill in the information requested and select "Pay Now".

CRM Merchant Listing Services are based on Membership fees for Silver, Gold and Platinum Listing. The Merchant Listing is activated for every product or service paid.

Silver Listing Free
Gold Listing Ksh 2,000 per year
Platinum Listing Ksh 5,000 per year

Premium listing comes with:
*14-day sale for user the product/items on their profile.
*Up to 5 related products.
*Free catalogue input for up to 100 items.

Your CRM membership helps you to plan for the year and to enjoy our services on demand. You enjoy higher listing from our premium SEO and analytics and your products gain association, traction and all-year visibility maintained by professionals and reviewed by peers and respected clients.

When your CRM membership ends, the following information will be removed from your Merchant

  • Customer Orders
  • Links to your Products and Services.
  • Customer requests.
  • Your Catalogue.
  • Links to put your products on sale
  • Credits to host a product review/discussion or community.
  • Inbox reports on user reviews, recommendations, wishlists and product performance.

1. To cancel your CRM Merchant Listing membership, you must be logged into to your Account.
2. Go the [cancel Membership] page from your Account setting.
3. You will still be able to access CRM Merchant until the end of your membership period.