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Price Feed:
Steel Door Sheets: Ksh 3,500 Wood Block: Ksh 3,600 MDF Boards: Ksh 3,200 Foif al132 32x optical level + accessories: Ksh 40,000 Mileseey P7: Ksh 45,000 FDC9B(S) Optical Tribrach Carrier with Thread/Stub(Green): Ksh 25,000 Vinyl Florines (interlocking, self-adhesive,SPC & dryback): Ksh 2,550 Gypsum metal rail: Ksh 165 Black Forest Hardwood: Ksh 2,074 Crown Permaplast: Ksh 2,400 Permacote Exterior Emulsion With Teflona: Ksh 2,800 Vinyl Matte Emulsion With Teflona: Ksh 2,300 Silk Vinyl Emulsion 4L: Ksh 2,250 Flex horsepipe: Ksh 2,800 Lamp shades: Ksh 3,000 Medium frames scaffolding supplies: Ksh 9,000 floor laminates: Ksh 1,800 Heater 800w-1600w: Ksh 16,400 Iconic stell gate: Ksh 5,000 Curtain rods and rails: Ksh 2,000 Stamped concrete: Ksh 3,200 Gypsum: Ksh 10,000 Wall Brackets: Ksh 2,500 Ballustrade: Ksh 98,000 kitchen faucets brass: Ksh 6,500

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Why you should consider a career as a plumber.
26 Aug 2018 STAT

This week, we took a dive into the world of plumbing and to cap it, let’s examine the world of the plumber. How does one become a plumber? What awaits the career plumber? How is plumbing in general?

What does it take to be a plumber?

To become a plumber, you need to attend some technical or vocati...


How to quote for a plumbing job.
26 Aug 2018 STAT

The math is simple: Take the cost for materials, add cost of labour, Add overheads, Add profit margin and don’t forget about VAT.

How do you get it done? 

The cost of materials.

To know the cost of materials, you must do some legwork. Visit the local hardwares and suppliers to know t...