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PVC flooring: Ksh 1,350 PVC tiles: Ksh 2,200 Box profile roofing sheets: Ksh 355 Solar Plaza light: Ksh 35,000 Complete sofa: Ksh 160,000 cookers: Ksh 35,000 Wall covering: Ksh 2,500 Kitchen design: Ksh 30,000 Turkey Steel Door: Ksh 33,000 Concrete mixers: Ksh 280,000 Shower cubicles: Ksh 25,000 Office tables: Ksh 45,000 Solar panel: Ksh 150,000 Hitachi G23ST 230mm Angle Grinder: Ksh 16,617 Curve tile roofing sheets: Ksh 700 Stainless steel basin mixer taps: Ksh 5,000 Earth moving machinery: Ksh 5,500,000 Spartan SLT-2500 Generator: Ksh 22,050 Shades: Ksh 4,000 Cement: Ksh 600 Building sand: Ksh 2,000 Built-in Kitchen Appliances: Ksh 49,000 Laminate flooring: Ksh 1,600 Biodigesters: Ksh 88,000 Black color granite: Ksh 17,000 Corrugated roofing sheets: Ksh 380 Wallpapers: Ksh 2,500

Choosing the best roofing sheets

09 May 2019 News & Updates

Mabati, or iron sheets in English, are a basic requirement for every construction project. The roofing sheets are a type of external covering for the roofs and walls of different buildings and structures. As the name suggests, they are basically installed to protect the top of the building from various forces of nature across all seasons. The sheets must have some basic properties. New constructions, as well as old buildings use roofing sheets due to their durability. They are generally easy to maintain. Roofing sheets have aluminum, copper, stainless steel or zinc as the key component for the manufacturing of a good quality roofing sheet. The best quality roofing sheets must have the qualities mentioned below:

Distinct and superior

The roofing sheets of different varieties are growing popular day by day because people are choosing the quality of roofs based on their textures and designs. The advanced technology makes it possible to imitate different designs that look like clay, stones or slate, etc. Everywhere the superior looks are getting preference with the type of quality. Different types of roofing sheets also provide the users with choices to suit their needs.

Protection from natural disasters

The roofs are designed in such a way so as to protect it from natural calamities such as hail, fire and earthquakes. The steel makes the roof non-combustible and is able to stand earthquake. Similarly the stone coated roofs are a protection from the hail storm.

Easy installation

The steel plated roofing sheets are light weighted, weighing to nearly 1.5 pounds per square foot. This feature of the steel makes it easy to install and fit it to the roof. It saves the time and effort that is needed to fix the roof. In addition, it reduces stress on framing of the roof. Moreover, a roofing sheet should be the ideal alternative to renovate in older buildings without a proper roof cover.

Durable and long lasting

The principle property of a roofing sheet is that it must be rust proof. The different types of roofing sheets have different durability. Among them, the best quality sheets are more durable. They do not break, curl, warp or soak water easily. The sheets must have the quality to withstand all types of weather conditions and end up with long lasting power and less maintenance. The principle property of a roofing sheet is that it must be rust proof.

Eco friendly

The steel plated or metal sheets are 100% recyclable in nature and are immensely environmentally friendly. They must prevent the degradation from occurring. If these sheets are discarded, then also they can be used for other domestic purposes.

All customers are entitled to get their money’s worth if they want to buy something. If one wants to buy good quality roofing sheets, then the aforementioned properties would be of a great help.


Some roofing sheets suppliers include;

  1. Royal Mabati -Head Office

Along Mombasa Road, Mlolongo Opp Signature Mall


Phone: 0722 63 83 83



  1. Corrugated Sheets Ltd,

Athi Road Off Addis Ababa Road, Nairobi City


Open ⋅ Closes 5PM


Phone: 0727 532270


   3. Chandaria Brothers

Changamwe Rd, Nairobi


Open ⋅ Closes 5PM


Phone: 020 6652582